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1st May, 2022. https://adimorg.org/causes/



Dear Mr/Madam,

I am glad to talk to you on behalf of the ST MATHIAS PRIMARY SCHOOL, a community pre and primary school that provides free education and other needs to children that are orphaned and not well to do families in Butenga Sub County. St Mathias Primary School has functioned for over 5 years and has earned a reputation as a reliable and enthusiastic school that has helped to better the lives of hundreds of children. We are calling on you, since you are well-known for your charitable donations. We hope you might want to perform another notable act of philanthropy and help children from the St Mathias Primary School.

Butenga Sub County and Bukomansimbi district in general has many children who have expressed deep interest in learning, the problem is the economic problems in the community and the issue of the HIV/AIDS. There are orphans learning at the school and small percentage get assistance from the administrators and friends of the school.  The government introduced free education for all but government schools are far from the community hence the need of a community school. The community which is predominantly peasantry therefore finds it extremely difficult to pay the school levy per term. In essence, it means the little levies paid cannot sustain capital projects as even Government is failing to give infrastructure grants due to economic problems in the country.

Therefore, the administration of the school has decided to initiate an educational program aimed at bringing on board many of these children and helping them develop their skills. However, the lack of money is a significant issue for the school. We strongly believe you can help them get closer to their dream.

Our strategy is to construct a BLOCK consisting four classes for the primary School for boys and girls respectively. Implementation will include construction, provision of teaching materials, such as text books for all subjects, and clean and safe drinking water. In addition, your money will be used to pay for the services of professional teachers and allowances of trainers. We are accepting donations starting from as little as $20.

Expected Results

  • The school facilities aim to give free services to 300 pupils delivered through creation of pupils friendly learning spaces;
  • Improved standards of life among teaching staff at St. Mathias primary school.
  • Increased enrolments up to 500 pupils and enhancement of habitable classrooms.


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